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Advanced Nanotech Premium Face Mask
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Advanced Nanotech Premium Face Mask



Revolutionary materials to block even the smallest particles

Stylish Fit

12 stylish colors in 4 sizes. Find your perfect mask


Washable + reusable. Space Masks can last for months


Naturally antibacterial and water-repellent

Ultra Breathable

Light, comfy, wick-dry. Breath and talk easily for hours

Odor Resistant

No more gross smelly sweaty masks

Maximum Protection.
Excellent Breathability.

Award-winning face masks chosen by athletes, doctors, nurses, police, frontline workers and hundreds of thousands of Americans for public use.

Advanced Anti-Droplet Technology
12 Stylish Colors in 4 Sizes

Mask SizeWidthHeight
  • Measure width from ear to ear, over tip of nose

  • Measure height from top of nose to bottom of chin

Over 9,000 Verified Five-Star Reviews

“Try this mask. You will not be disappointed!”

Doctor Paul T. MccaugheyEmergency Room Doctor & Verified Customer


It is the Space Mask that I have chosen for myself and my family off the job. This mask is not only effective, it is exceedingly comfortable. While on, it feels like a natural part of me, not like the disposable or homemade varieties of which I have tried many.
I now own multiple Space Masks so that I will never be without one. To my mind the best mask for personal protection is the one you are most likely going to wear.
This mask is a pleasure to put on! My wife and children all like the mask as well. Try this mask. You will not be disappointed!


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