Your Guide To Quitting Smoking And Improving Your Health

As science has shown, the nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive. This makes learning to live without cigarettes one of the most difficult things you can ever attempt. Find out as much as possible about quitting so you have the right tools on your side.

When you have made the decision to stop smoking, try seeking out help from a support group. Working with other people who are quitting or who have stop smoking can help you to stay focused on your ultimate goal. People with experience quitting, or going through the same thing as you, can offer their own tips and advice. Support groups are universal, as you will find there are many people who have quit smoking. Try looking for one online, or at your local college or church.

TIP! Make your self a list of the reasons to and the reasons not to stop smoking. When you put something in writing, it often has an affect on your entire mental outlook.

When you feel the desire to smoke, try to postpone your cigarette as long as possible. Make yourself do some other activity first, even just taking a walk around the house or drinking a cup of tea. Sometimes, delaying smoking actually is enough to prevent you from taking that puff. By using the delay technique you may smoke one less cigarette a day.

Cigarette Cravings

If you’re trying to stop smoking, be sure to get plenty of rest. Many people find that keeping late night hours leads to elevated cigarette cravings. There are usually fewer people around late at night to help you stop yourself from taking just one more smoke for the day. Obtaining a full eight hours of sleep nightly allows you to maintain your motivation and your ability to combat cigarette cravings.

TIP! If you feel you have to smoke a cigarette, then try to put off your first one as long as possible. Tell yourself you need to take a long walk before you could smoke, or try to drink a glass of water prior to smoking.

When a cigarette craving strikes, try to implement delays. Tell yourself you will wait about 10 minutes and then assess how you feel. During that time, distract yourself and chances are, after the 10 minutes are up, the craving will be gone. If it hasn’t, then just keep repeating this process over and over as often as you need to.

Discuss your desire to stop smoking with your doctor. Prescription medication may make quitting smoking easier to handle. They are not for everybody, so this discussion should also include your detailed medical history. He can also give you information about local support groups, online resources or medical professionals who can help you through it.

Try to encourage friends and family to support your decision to stop smoking. It’s critical, however, that they understand that you want positive support, not reproach. Let them know you’ll more than likely be moody when you quit, and that you may not have a clear mind. You’ll need the support of others during this process.

TIP! Might hypnosis work for you? Many people have found success with professional hypnotists. When you visit a hypnotist’s clinic, you will be put into a trance state and positive affirmations about quitting will be embedded into your mind.

Avoid some of the places and behaviors that can lead to smoking cigarettes. Do not engage in specific behaviors that may increase your urge to smoke. Find something else to distract you during those times.

If you reach a milestone while quitting, congratulate or reward yourself for your accomplishments. For instance, you might decide to see a movie as a treat to mark one week without a cigarette. Once you’ve been smoke free for a month, go to a nice restaurant, one that is special to you. Eventually, once smoking is eliminated from your mind, get a big treat.

One small step toward quitting could be to switch cigarette brands. Give up your preferred brand to one that you find absolutely horrible. Cut back on the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day or inhale them differently. This is a great tool to begin your journey of quitting.

TIP! Sleep is a necessity if you are going to try to quit smoking. Some find that they crave cigarettes more when they stay up late.

It can be a pain to stop smoking because nicotine is a very addictive substance. Stopping can be so hard for people, both physically and emotionally. By using some of the tips and tricks in this article, you may be able to ease your battle. Combine this advice with your own dedication and effort, and you will soon be able to quit.

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