Yeast Infections: Why You Get Them And How To Treat Them

If you are a woman, you probably already know something about yeast infections. You might have had a yeast infection yourself. Even if you have never experienced a yeast infection, it’s imperative that you know the warning signs and understand the preventative measures. You can treat and cure your yeast infections with this helpful advice.

If you want to avoid any problems with yeast infections, you need to make sure that you always dry yourself as thoroughly as possible after you shower. Yeast thrives in moist environments. If you keep yourself as dry as possible, yeast infections will have less of a chance to develop.

TIP! Over-the-counter pain relief tablets will help give your body some relief from the discomfort you are feeling. These infections bring some major discomfort and if you have a daytime job, you will need to reduce most of the symptoms that can hinder your performance level.

A lot of sweat makes for a warm, moist environment. That environment is just perfect for yeast. Wear clothing made of cotton or other natural fibers. Moisture from sweat evaporates more easily as these fabric allow your clothing to breathe. Avoid wearing synthetics, such as spandex, Lycra or nylon. All of these man-made fabrics trap moisture that promotes the growth of yeast.

Birth Control

Avoid diaphragms and condoms if you use a cream for the infection. The anti-fungal cream can impact the effectiveness of many birth control methods. Don’t participate in any sort of sexual relations until the infection has cleared up. If you make the decision of not abstaining, make certain to speak to your doctor about effective birth control.

TIP! If you tend to get yeast infections, you want to stay away from wearing decorative underwear. Plain cotton keeps you dry, but lace, nylon and other fancy types can lock in heat and moisture.

Add some cider vinegar (about 2 cups) to your bath each night. Vinegar can balance your natural pH levels and hinder yeast growth. Don’t soak your body in the bathtub longer than you usually do. If necessary, you can make a douching solution of warm water and three tablespoons of cider vinegar.

Try to eat more foods that are rich in garlic and start eating some sugar-free yogurts. Garlic can be effective at preventing or retarding yeast infections. If you do not like the taste of garlic, you can consume garlic pills from your pharmacy. Adding a couple cups of live culture yogurt that’s sugar-free to your diet daily can really reduce or prevent a yeast infection.

Yeast Infections

TIP! Avoid scented soaps and bubble baths if you are troubled by yeast infections. Scented products upset vaginal chemistry in a way that allows for yeast infections.

If you experience a yeast infection during your period, start to plan ahead. Take a few acidophilus tablets before and after your period. You should notice that the number and severity of any yeast infections that you get decreases significantly. By taking such steps to help yourself, you may not have to worry about yeast infections any more.

Yogurt is a great staple to include in your breakfast every day. The bacteria found in yogurt can prevent yeast from forming. However, eating yogurt won’t cure an existing infection.

Both synthetic materials and tight-fitting apparel are problematic. Tight clothing, especially underwear, traps moisture and raises your body temperature, as well as constricting airflow. Yeast thrives in these environments from the lack of air circulation. Your clothing should be made of cotton or other breathable materials, and should have a comfortable fit.

TIP! To prevent yeast infections, it is crucial that you practice proper personal hygiene. Thoroughly wash your genital area on a daily basis.

Your eating habits may be to blame for your frequent yeast infections. The more sugar you eat, the more the yeast has to dine on. Eat healthier, low-sugar snacks instead, like veggies, fruits and nuts.

Yeast Infections

Now that you have a better understanding of yeast infections, you will have the knowledge to permanently treat them. It doesn’t matter if you have had one or not, knowing about yeast infections can make you more knowledgeable about your body, and that is knowledge you can always use.

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