Try These Awesome Tips For A Great Smile

Everybody has their own reason for wanting to get their teeth whitened. If you drink a lot of dark beverages or smoke tobacco, these substances can seriously discolor your teeth. This article contains tips that will help you maintain white teeth and figure out the best whitening method for you, should you need it.

This is less damaging to your teeth than a whitening strip system. While you shower swish a mouthful of hydrogen peroxide around, but be careful not to swallow. Do this once or twice a week.

TIP! For those with sensitive teeth and gums, it is probably better to use 30 minute whitening strips rather than 2 hour strips, which can be more severe. Look for a product that you can apply for less than an hour even if it takes you a few additional weeks to get results.

Sometimes, fruits can be excellent ways to whiten your teeth. An example of some fruits that work great at whitening your teeth would be strawberries and oranges. Try crushing up strawberries, and make a paste out of them. Leave this paste on your teeth approximately five minutes. This method is an excellent one for whitening teeth. Rubbing an orange peel onto your teeth can also be another simple remedy to whiten your smile.

Keep a toothbrush stowed away for when you eat candy or other sweets. Sugary or sticky foods get stuck on or in your teeth, causing damage and discoloration. When you’re done with your sweet snack, brush your teeth for a few minutes. Toothpaste is not necessary, but make sure you give teeth a good scrub and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Rinse your mouth after every meal as a means of keeping your teeth white. If you take the time to get the food and drink off of your teeth directly after you consume them, you will have better results in keeping them white. Doing this will eliminate any deep stains from your teeth.

Baking Soda

For an easy, cost-effective tooth whitener, mix some baking soda in water. The mildly abrasive baking soda will buff away discoloration, revealing the shiny, white teeth underneath. You can mix the paste right on your toothbrush by dipping your wet toothbrush into the baking soda.

Make sure to brush and floss your teeth no less than twice a day. You need to prevent plaque from building up so that your teeth don’t become discolored. Flossing should be done with special care before bedtime. You want to remove the day’s plaque so it doesn’t set overnight.

TIP! If your teeth are heavily stained, you should know that it may take multiple treatments before you obtain that bright smile that you desire. Teeth that are stained and discolored, not just a few shades off white, take longer to treat, no matter which treatment options you opt for.

Try brushing your teeth occasionally with baking soda. Baking soda whitens your teeth naturally. Baking soda can irritate gums, so when brushing with it, do it as gently as you can.

Eating cheese after a meal can help to re-mineralize enamel. Studies show that the calcium inherent in cheese can aid in building up your tooth enamel. Use this trick a couple to a few times each week to make strong, white teeth.

A simple thing you can do to get sparkly white teeth is to use whitening toothpaste. This toothpaste works great at getting rid of stains on your teeth. Over time, your teeth will become whiter and your smile brighter as the staining is eliminated.

TIP! Eat vegetables and fruits that are fibrous so they will naturally scrub your teeth. A few examples are cucumbers, apples, broccoli and carrots.

No matter why you want whiter teeth, the tips offered above show you how to get the beautiful, white teeth that many long for. Remember these tips as you go about your business, and look for ways to brighten your smile.

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