Tired All The Time? Maybe It’s Sleep Apnea

When you wake up do you feel extremely groggy, even with the right amount of sleep? Does the person you sleep with continuously complain about your extremely loud snoring? That is because he or she is more likely to be awakened by your middle-of-the-night gasps for breath. You might suffer from sleep apnea, but this is fine. You can find useful suggestions for dealing with the condition presented below.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! Sleep mouth guards can benefit you if you suffer from sleep apnea. These mouth guards correct airways and facilitate breathing.

Give up some of your vices to combat the symptoms of sleep apnea. If you drink and smoke, you need to quit now. Consuming alcohol can lead to trouble with your respiratory system. Smoking damages the lungs. Eliminating these habits is going to help alleviate sleep apnea symptoms.

You can really cut back on your sleep apnea by giving up alcohol and smoking. Alcohol relaxes the tongue and throat muscles, which can cause them to block your airway; smoking inflames the airway, causing it to narrow. Both of these habits can cause snoring and apnea. Some people resort to invasive surgeries to correct their sleep apnea without realizing that discontinuing these bad habits could have been a more simple and much cheaper route!

Mouth guards can be custom fit. Guards such as these were designed for someone who suffers with sleep apnea. This is something that works well instead of using a CPAP, and it’s more comfortable. A mouth guard will work by positioning the jaw and tongue in a helpful way that will allow for easier breathing while asleep.

TIP! Ask your doctor for advice about what CPAP machine you should get. Among other considerations, inquire about how big the machine is and how noisy it is when it is operating.

Sleep on your side, as it can help lessen your sleep apnea symptoms. Our airways can get obstructed if we sleep while on our backs. Try to fall asleep in a side position, and discover if that relieves your sleep apnea tonight.

Sleep Apnea

If you are dealing with sleep apnea, you never want to take any sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can interfere with your throat muscles and with your airway. If your sleep apnea is bad, these can prove a real risk. No matter how bad you want a good night’s sleep, these are not the answer.

TIP! Do you smoke and drink? Get rid of behaviors that are not good for you. Alcohol and tobacco both cause airway problems.

Use a chin strap with your CPAP each night to prevent your mouth from opening as you sleep. It is only a small fabric strap that keeps your chin in place so you can sleep with a closed mouth. Try out CPAP therapy for your mouth.

When sleep apnea is an issue, make sure to treat any allergies or problems with sinuses. It’s already hard for you to breathe when you sleep due to your condition. You really don’t want anything else impacting your air flow during sleep. Maintaining free nasal passages will ensure greater odds of sleeping getting a great night’s sleep.

Stick with a single ordinary pillow when you go to sleep. If you use very thick pillows or many pillows, you may end up sleeping at an odd angle that hurts the free flow of air through your airways. It will make breathing harder than it needs to be. So, you should stick to one pillow to help lessen any sleep apnea symptoms.

TIP! Try using a mouth guard that’s custom-fitted for you. These are a great aid to sufferers of sleep apnea.

Be sure to make use of nasal spray for a runny, stuffy, itchy nose. It helps to clear the nasal passages and airways to let you sleep more soundly. Most nasal sprays are not recommended for extended periods of time so use them sparingly. Talk to your pharmacist about your options.

Sleep Apnea

Losing weight will often make a big difference for patients suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is correlated with being fat and having a large neck. Even a modest amount of weight loss can increase air flow and decrease airway pressure.

TIP! If your doctor has prescribed a CPAP machine for you, make sure you use it every night, for at least 4 hours. Going to bed with a CPAP machine humming away is certainly an adjustment that can be a challenge for some.

Getting a CPAP machine is no cause for concern or embarrassment. Inform those that need to know about it, and don’t feel uncomfortable using your CPAP around those close to you. They want you healthy. Always know that the CPAP machine is something that you need which can help you, and if someone looks down upon you for using it, then they weren’t your friends anyway.

This article is the first step in your journey to treating your sleep apnea. The first step is the most important one, because it gets you on the way to relief. Now that you have more insight into this condition, you should be able to begin putting together a treatment plan with your physician.

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