Great Quit Smoking Methods That Are Proven To Work

There are few smokers who do not realize that they should quit. Have you ever heard a smoker say how healthy they thought their habit was? A nonsmoker won’t know what quitting entails. People that used to smoke do know how hard it is though. Read this article to find out ways that you can develop a plan to stop smoking that will be successful.

Once you’ve decided to quit smoking, find a support group. It is beneficial to have a network of others who are where you are and can understand what you’re going through. Other ex-smokers can support you in your attempt to stop smoking, and can suggest techniques to try that worked for them. You are sure to find some support groups in your area. They may meet in a church, a community center, or a school after hours.

TIP! One way to boost your success with quitting smoking, is building a list good and bad associations with quitting. When something is put into writing, it may have an affect on how you think about things.

Hypnosis can help stop smoking. This non-traditional method of quitting has shown great success with many smokers. They’ll place you into a hypnotic subconscious state which allows them to fill your mind with positivity and motivation. This hypnosis will tell your brain that smoking is not appealing, helping you avoid the urge to smoke.

Proceed gently on a day-by-day basis as you work to quit smoking. Focus on getting through just one day without smoking. Having a shorter time horizon makes it easier physically and mentally. Once you feel more comfortable, you can start thinking about long term goals.

Ensure that you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep when you’re in the process of giving up your smoking habit. Not getting adequate sleep can sometimes lead to cravings. Late nights also provide the opportunity to sneak a cigarette when no one is looking. When you get the rest you need, it is easier to focus on your commitment to stop and resist the temptation to give in to cravings.

TIP! Find the method of quitting that will be easiest for you. Do not ever try to quit cold turkey.

If you are overwhelmed by the urge to smoke try using the delay tactic. By telling yourself to wait 10 minutes, you can find you can manage the craving for that short amount of time. If it hasn’t, then just keep repeating this process over and over as often as you need to.

Your doctor may be able to help you stop smoking if you can’t do it by yourself. There are prescription medications, including certain antidepressants, that can make the process of quitting more tolerable. Your physician can also introduce you to a network of support, including hotlines and groups, that will make it more likely that you will quit.

Make a study of what triggers your smoking, and then find ways to avoid your triggers. If you often smoked in your car, then create a new driving habit like listening to a book on tape or making a motivational driving playlist. This will help you to remove the associations these habits have with smoking. Come up with something that can distract you at those times.

TIP! Tell your family and friends, if you plan on quitting smoking. By entrusting the people close to you with your plan, you give them the power to help you succeed.

Set a series of intermediate goals as part of your program to stop smoking. As you achieve each goal, reward yourself. For example, after a week without smoking, treat yourself to a movie. Once you reach a month without smoking, go to a special restaurant. Gradually increase the rewards as you finish longer and longer periods without smoking, until it no longer even enters your mind.

You want to tell your family and friends of your plans to stop smoking. They can then support you in your efforts. The more support you have, the more motivation you’ll have to quit. This will increase your chances of success significantly, and get you to where you want.

Some smokers find cutting back on smoking is a good start. If you want to stop smoking completely, this can get you pointed in the right direction. Try waiting an hour or so before having your first cigarette of the day. Perhaps smoke only half a cigarette instead of a whole one.

TIP! If you want to stop smoking, you need to make a list on how you will go about quitting. Make sure to match your list to your unique personality.

Non-smokers don’t understand why you smoke when you know what it does to you. These people also can’t understand how truly difficult it is to break an addiction. Some individuals have managed to quit, however, and their strategies were shared here. Use their ideas and experiences to make your dream to quit a reality.

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