Better Your Health With These Tips For Quitting Smoking

Everyone who cares about you tells you to stop smoking. Your doctor says that if you don’t, you could suffer serious health consequences. Your insurance company dangles a discount in front of you to get you to quit. What’s stopping you? This is a good time to stop smoking and never look back, so use the information in the following article to finally quit.

Find the method of quitting that will be easiest for you. Under no circumstances should you attempt to quit cold turkey. If you try this out, you will undoubtedly fail! Try strategies such as medication, therapy or a patch. Using these treatments will help you avoid withdrawal symptoms so that you can more easily stop smoking for good.

TIP! Hypnosis might be something you should try if you desire to quit smoking. An experienced, licensed hypnotist could help you to quit smoking for life.

Discuss your desire to stop smoking with your doctor. There are a growing number of medical aids, such as antidepressants, that can help you quit with much less discomfort. Your doctor probably can also offer information about hot-lines, support groups and other resources that will increase the likelihood that you will be able to quit.

Let family and friends know that you plan to stop smoking. They’ll be able to help you get through the tough times and be a reminder of why you’re quitting. The more support you have, the more motivation you’ll have to quit. This can help you achieve your gaol.

Quit slowly by reducing the number you smoke over time. Smoking less can be a good place to begin your plan to quit smoking. You should at least wait an hour or two before you have a smoke after you wake up. Try smoking only half a cigarette to reduce your smoking.

TIP! Tell your loved ones that you want to quit smoking. You will feel that you don’t want to let them down by smoking again, helping to keep you motivated.

The first step to quit smoking is just to simply stop. By stopping, you are taking the most important step you can take. Stop smoking, and do not ever pick up a cigarette again. This strategy may not be the easiest method of quitting. It’s the most effective method, over time!

Make sure to thoroughly clean your home when you decide to quit smoking, if you normally smoke inside. Clean your carpets, your curtains, your clothes and your furniture. You should even wash the walls. Get the smell of smoke out of everything in your home. Instead of smelling smoke when you come home, you’ll smell clean, fresh fragrances. This will reduce the temptation to smoke.

Find support through different online forums and communities. There are many websites that help people quit smoking. It’s helpful to talk to other ex-smokers so that you can both compare the techniques you use to help yourselves quit. In addition, those who are quitting with you will be able to relate to the emotional challenges that go along with smoking cessation.

TIP! If you are overwhelmed by the urge to smoke try using the delay tactic. Tell yourself that you will wait 10 minutes and then find a way to distract yourself for that time period.

Remember, when you want to stop smoking, that first week will most likely be the hardest. For the first two days after quitting, your body rids itself of the highly addictive nicotine, leading to physical withdrawal. After this initial period, your nicotine cravings will, for the most part, be psychological. This means you will have no physical trauma from resisting those cravings.

Stop Smoking

Today is the day to stop smoking! Instead of choosing a day down the road to quit, do it today. This will stop you from changing your mind later, and give you a head start on being a quitter. The quicker you stop smoking, the sooner you free your family from the effects of secondhand smoke. This might be the factor that motivates you the most to stop.

TIP! Your doctor can help you quit smoking. There are a number of prescription medicines that will make quitting easier, including, a few anti-depressant medications.

Now you have some good information to help you kick the habit, and get healthy. Not only will quitting extend your life span and make you healthier, but you will feel happier. You’ll also wind up saving a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on tobacco. Consider using some of that saved money to thank your loved ones for seeing you through the process.

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