Addressing Personal Health Issues – Tips To Cure A Yeast Infecton

With a flu or headache, you readily ask friends or coworkers for advice about how to treat it. Many people feel uncomfortable asking for help when it comes to yeast infections. Yeast infections can be as embarrassing to talk about as they are to have. However, that fact is why you are reading this article. This article will give you more information about yeast infections.

Dry your vagina thoroughly after your bath or shower. Excess moisture in the vaginal area can cause yeast infections. Without moisture, yeast will be less likely to grow.

TIP! Whenever you get sweaty, get changed. Reducing the moisture on your body can make this area unfriendly to yeast development and minimize the development of an infection.

Steer clear of diaphragms and condoms if you have been treating a yeast infection with cream. Creams can reduce the effectiveness of your contraception. Instead, do not have sex until the infection is gone. If you choose not to do that, talk to a doctor about which birth control is most effective at that time.

Incorporate more garlic and unsweetened yogurt into your diet. Garlic prevents yeast infections and can slow them down. You can even get supplements so your breath won’t smell. Adding two cups of sugar-free, live culture yogurt to your daily diet will greatly increase the healing or prevention.

Practice good hygiene to ward off yeast infections. Gently wash the entire genital area very well, and make sure all the folds of skin are cleansed. Also, be sure to dry the area thoroughly. Yeast likes moisture, so get as dry as you can.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that is quite effective in curing your yeast infections. Mix a small amount of almond oil with tea tree oil and then apply it to your vagina. Using only tea tree oil can cause the burning sensation to get worse. The mix of tea tree oil and almond oil will help you restore a natural balance in your vagina and help fight the infection.

If you tend to get yeast infections, monitor what you eat. The more sugar you eat, the more the yeast has to dine on. Turn to nuts and fruits rather than their sugary alternatives.

TIP! Only wear panties made of cotton. If you wear silk underwear it might cause you to have a yeast infection.

Simple daily routines, such as wearing smooth, cotton underwear can help prevent the occurrence of a yeast infection. The cotton fabric absorbs moisture and humidity while also preventing harmful irritation of the sensitive skin. If you are prone to yeast infections, pitch any panties you own that aren’t cotton, and make sure that you keep your undergarments extra-clean. If moisture and humidity seem to be a cause, you could also start using sanitary napkins to absorb excess moisture.

If you have an infection due to yeast, there are natural remedies too. These herbs include cedar, goldenseal, and rosemary. With the assistance and advice of a trained herbalist, you can use a liquid concoction of these herbs as a douche or soak cotton pads in the liquid to soothe irritation.

Yeast Infection

TIP! Do not use douche bags. You may have the impression that you are cleansing the vagina, but you need the bacterias that you are washing away.

When you are dealing with the unpleasant symptoms of a yeast infection, the last thing you want to do is broadcast your problems for all to hear. Luckily, the tips in the preceding article demonstrate that you have plenty of options for dealing with the infection. Now you know more ways to deal with your yeast infection and more about what is happening, so you can get over it more quickly.

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